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The mall subscription and fee is 100 % free. Our Store can be freely used every purchase of a product reserve. The minimum amount from 10,000 members and aneusyeodo not you enter your personal information separately for each purchase doesimyeon , can be provided with a rich variety of events and services available in the mall.

Ordering Guide

Our mall customers using Iook its best to prevent this inconvenience . Products Order consists of the following steps: Product List> Product Details > Cart > Shipping information input , Payment Options> Payment> Order confirmation

Payment Guide

Payment of your order , you can use credit card , wire transfer payment . For credit card payments using 128 -bit SSL encryption system , dedicated to the consumer protection . For the online payment we 'll need to be the same as the buyer and the depositor name , account is available below.

Bank name kookmin Bank / Account Number 484268-02-100461 / Account Holder (Corporation)IGNC

Shipping Guide

All items in your order will be shipped to your specified location within the country three days.

※ Consultation during a separate inquiry

However, if due to special reasons , such as sold or shortages of goods delayed delivery to be expected, deurimyeo guidance on pre- shipment , in the case of a book / mountainous areas extend this period may be shipping additional cost for shipping Please note that it may be

Return / Exchange Guide

The delivery is complete and can be exchanged or returned . However, when letting the seal on the original product packaging is missing , the value of the goods and can not be exchanged or returned , this time lag while the value of goods that can be Loss also returned goods , exchange is not possible.

Phone number : 82-2-525-2239
Mail : mask@colorcup.net

Security Guide

Our mall is a dual firewall, intrusion detection systems and 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secure transport registered customers of various information with the is encrypted and protected , drive all registered Customers of your information for other purposes other than shopping and to prevent leakage to the outside unused and regulatory institutional group dedicated to the safety and security . Please rest assured shopping .

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Customer service , product of telephone orders, customer complaints , product orders canceled , let's products received various inquiries, please accept the following telephone number. I will guide you quickly and accurately.

Phone number : 82-2-525-2239
Mail : mask@colorcup.net