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Privacy Statement

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Members of the purpose of collection and use of personal information

We are accepting your orders and has used as payment for goods and services in our product and collect the minimum information required to use a variety of amenities and services offered to order delivery and membership required . But the privacy of all our customers who have registered as members will never be used except for the purpose stated above, if the use purpose and use personal information of members will surely seek to change the agreement to all our customers who have registered as members.

Personal information collected entry and retention , essential member information to be provided in order to provide various services to use the period of our membership is as follows:

① name ② address ③ phone number(wireline and mobile phone④ hopeID(For members) 
⑤ password(For members)

Privacy of Children

We must be collected only upon the consent of the legal representative by the ' Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act Article 31 , paragraph 1 , of children under the age of 14 personal information. Therefore , we not only do not receive any personal information about the child 's only 14 years old , it does not join as a member . However, children under the age of 14 after a written agreement and certification of the legal representative , you can become a member . In addition, the legal representative of children under the age of 14 may request access, correction, withdrawal of consent for personal information of a child if there is such a request , we will take the necessary measures without delay .

Personal information and sharing

Our member of customer personal information can not be in principle available to third parties and third parties , if we want to provide personal information to a specific company in order to provide a convenience Dear Member , always through the proper procedures that God Member It is required to obtain consent. However, you can provide your personal information without consent only in the following cases:

The minimum user information required for delivery to business courier (name, address, telephone number) if you inform the
② Statistics , if you provide a form that can not identify a specific individual cases as necessary for academic research or market research

If there is a formal request from the government.

Personal information access, correction and deletion processing

If you can read this you want your personal information with us at any time and can be modified to keep the required information.
In addition, registration requested additional information other than the essential information is always read , modify , and delete .
Changing your personal information and deleting membership withdrawal is available after login (Login) in our customer center .

 Cookies (Cookie) operations

We are using the Cookie Authentication method for members . Logout (Logout) because it is to be deleted without being stored during automatically on your computer if you use a computer in a public place and someone else can use the Login (Login) After the service is over simyeon must logout (Logout) year free Please .

Personal information management of non-member customers

① We nonmember customers can also purchase the goods and services items.
We are asking only the case of non- delivery orders and payments , essential personal information on product delivery to our customers.
② If you have purchased from us in the non- payer non-member customers had entered information and recipient information will not be used as payment and other goods for any purpose other than purposes related to shipping .

Internal security measures

It is limited to a minimum workforce that can handle customers' personal information to its personnel and conduct regular , irregular security training . In addition, the system can read your privacy secondary has a password system so thoroughly isolated from the external network intrusion and corresponds to the external and internal attacks.
Our Privacy Policy is implemented over the site open at the same time .

The company specifies the Privacy Officer as follows:
- Position: CEO
- Real Name: Kim, Young - Soo
- E-mail: info@eznetsol.co.kr